TIS Systems are the Future of Hiring 

Welcome to Listee. We’re pioneering the newest generation of entirely Cloud hosted Talent Identification Systems.  


Listee is a New Concept

An Old Problem

The resume has been around since the 15th century. In half a millennium nothing has changed. Listee is here to revolutionize the resume. We’re building a tool to eliminate the resume, and make the tedious job application process a thing of the past. We’re not only helping applicants find jobs, but also streamlining the hiring process for employers.

A New Solution

We are streamlining the hiring and recruiment process by introducing TIS. Achieve the successes of high quality talent souring without reliance on Ads, ATS, Job Boards, and other expensive resources eating through your business's HR budget. Listee intends to fundamentally change how we access talent.

For applicants, no more lengthy job searching. No more ATSes, job recommendation engines, resume workshops, and recruiters who are all focused on resumes paired to job descriptions


One Location for Everything 






  • Unlimited Opportunities for Students

  • Unlimited Opportunities for Professionals

  • Unlimited Opportunities for Students

  • 12 Opportunities per Year

  • Maximum 2 accounts per Company

  • Unlimited Opportunities for Students

  • 3 Trial Opportunities for Professionals

  • For 5000+ staff

  • Unlimited Opportunities for Students

  • Unlimited Opportunities for Professionals

  • Unlimited HR Managers


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How do Employers use Listee?

Use Listee like you would a job board, and an ATS. We're entirely Free !

How Should Employers Contact Listee

We are available weekdays between 8 AM -7 PM PST. Please email founders@listee.net to begin collaboration


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